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2018-12-16 03:20 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001561    Scenariosminornew2017-08-20Molten Monarch, Map design: it's difficult to go up - hence all players are on the same spots
  0001567    Objectsminornew2017-08-20Sound: Pickaxe on granit doesn't fit
  0001565    Engine - Networkminornew2017-08-20Ignore command available in lobby, cannot be undone in game
  00006762   Graphicsfeaturenew2017-08-20Title images for Savegame and Records folders
  000160032 Engineminornew2017-08-20High speed object stuck against material
  000190141 Objectsmajornew2017-08-20Clonk stuck in endless tumbling animation
  00018054   Engine - Graphicsminornew2017-08-20Mesh material inheriting from default NormalMap has no GPU skinning
  000165621 Objectsminornew2017-08-20Endless tumbling in Kamikaze Cowboys
  0001733    Objectsminornew2017-08-20Library_Vendor: rename QueryRebuy to e.g. QueryRejectRebuy
  0001732    Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20remove spec_id argument from PlayerControl
  00016661   Enginefeaturenew2017-08-20Sound.ocg in scenario folder not loaded
  00008861   Engine - GUIminornew2017-08-20Goals GUI blocked walking but not throwing items
  00015045   Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-20Feature: I want to close dialogs
  00007054   Engine - Networkfeaturenew2017-08-20Remove chat name option, use player name instead
  0001604    Enginetweaknew2017-08-20Saving takes increasingly long
  0001251    Engine - C4Scriptfeaturenew2017-08-20Load System.ocg also from non-empty object folders
  00011313   Engine - Controlsminornew2017-08-20Runtime network dialogue shows scenario options
  00014912   Enginefeaturenew2017-08-20Helpful 'Did You Know' Tips
  0001467    Engineminornew2017-08-20unify Damage and Energy
  0001434    Engine - GUIfeaturenew2017-08-20Display certain information in an information overlay
  0001379111 Enginecrashfeedback2017-08-20Loading Sections has issues
  00010801   Website - Master Servermajoracknowledged2017-08-20League: Users with non-ASCII characters in their name cannot sign in
  00013415   Engineminoracknowledged2017-08-20Playing same sound repeatedly is not possible
  00010781   Website - Master Servertweakacknowledged2017-08-20League: Handle clan URLs with protocol properly
  00017245   Website - Automated Buildsminoracknowledged2017-08-20No secure download options
  000053351 Engine - Networkfeatureacknowledged2017-08-20Display Ping in Server List
  000057515   Graphicstrivialacknowledged2017-08-20Moon vanishes if zoomed in too far
  00007875   Engine - GUIminoracknowledged2017-08-20Closing the window while in C4Startup init code accesses invalid memory
  00008236   Engineminoracknowledged2017-08-20Sounds in objects don't get re-loaded
  00008543   Engineminoracknowledged2017-08-20Game shortly freezes when you join the lobby
  00011652   Documentationminoracknowledged2017-08-20Rename GetPlrColor
  0001275    Documentationminorconfirmed2017-08-20Documentation does not seem to be up to date for removed functions
  0001749    Documentationminorconfirmed2017-08-20Online documentation does not clean up deleted functions
  00012234   Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-08-20Whole map visible after death
  000129032 Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-08-20A ray of black dots sometimes appears in caves
  0001335    Engineminorconfirmed2017-08-20Lighs have box shape when rays don't hit solid material.
  00010459   Objectstrivialconfirmed2017-08-20Female Clonks have male names
  00012545   Engineminorconfirmed2017-08-20Adjust default light range
  000037311   Graphicsfeatureassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-08-20Title animation for the clonk
  00015332   Enginefeatureassigned (Sven2)2017-08-20Feature Request: Map script functions to work at runtime.
  0001934    Enginefeaturenew2017-08-19Multichannel music (and/or sounds)
  000142321 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-19Clonk is sometimes facing the wrong direction when hanging on a cross bow rope
  00017094   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-19Spam balloons
  00018801   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-18Partially burned down buildings cannot be repaired
  00018064   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-18Ownership area blocks can overlap each other
  000192131 Scenariosmajorresolved (Caesar)2017-08-15Savegame title is "Default Title"
  00017647   Graphicsminorresolved2017-08-14Carry heavy object disappears while swimming
  000192821 Engineminorresolved2017-08-14Apply patch for reproducible builds
  00019335   Scenariosminorresolved2017-08-14The Raid: Clonko tells the player the wrong colour
  00014301   Engine - GUIminorconfirmed2017-08-12Disallow creating a script GUI window from an object instead of a proplist