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2021-09-18 04:42 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00016342   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 2 does not explain how to use loam
  00015992   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 7: Handle several interactions
  000167521 Scenariosblockresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 4 - no further actions possible after ore digging
  00016742   Scenariosblockresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Tutorial 3, after finishing the sawmill, the tutorial advisor does not talk further
  00016331   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-08Shown hot key for dropping items in the tutorial is confusing
  00016616   Enginecrashresolved (Isilkor)2016-02-08Builds by Clang with optimizations enabled don't work properly
  0001672    Objectsfeaturenew2016-02-07Animals (and Vehicles/larger Objects) should be rotated according to slope angle, (e.g. Animals walking up a hill)
  00013277   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-02-07Hammer activate with double click
  0001668    Objectsfeaturenew2016-02-06Bow should shoot exactly when the mouse button is released
  00010621   Enginefeaturenew2016-02-06Acoustic notification on new IRC messages
  00016532   Objectsfeatureresolved (Zapper)2016-02-04Zapnest improvements
  00016381   Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Isilkor)2016-02-01The game stops updating/drawing when it loses focus
  00016452   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-02-01Constructions can be placed in front of a complete elevator.
  0001662    Enginefeaturenew2016-02-01Move user data from FOLDERID_RoamingAppData to FOLDERID_SavedGames
  00015542   Scenariosminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-31Guardian of the windmill: Menu opened for wrong player
  00016596   Engineminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-30Crash when iterating through Ctrl + F7 debug modes
  00015344   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-01-30Elevators should show car placement on construction
  00016604   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-29Aerobatics: Prevent stuck blimp
  00016144   Objectsfeaturenew2016-01-29Feature Request: Quick use controls
  00007173   Engine - Controlsfeatureassigned (G√ľnther)2016-01-29Replace C4D_MouseSelect with MouseDrag flag
  0001647101 Enginemajorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-29Increasing saving time
  0000421    Enginefeatureresolved (Sven2)2016-01-25Being able to select teams in network for melees and parkours the non-hacky way
  00016491   Scenariosminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-23Deep Sea Mining: Mission sometimes doesn't end?
  00015504   Scenariosfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-01-23Parkour scenario: SkyRace
  00016462   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-23clonk->DoEnergy(30000) kills a clonk
  0001612113 Engine - GUIminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-21Tutorial - text is cropped and scrollbar at wrong position
  0001586    Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-20Construction sites: Basement preview not stretched
  000164141 Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-20No working technique for material / Meshes invisible
  0001549    Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20No progress indication when producing items
  0001447163 Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-20Energy Distribution broken
  00014773   Engine - GUImajorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20Goal display has wrong position at startup
  000144631 Objectsminorresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20You can get stuck in material while a building is build
  00015413   Objectsfeatureresolved (Zapper)2016-01-20Contents menu is broken when inside container
  0001632    Scenariostextresolved (Clonkonaut)2016-01-19Clonkomotiv Scenario: Dialogs lack german translation
  00010797   Website - Master Serverminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-19League: Clan ranking does not work
  0001610    Objectsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-19script error when golden statue is destroyed in GIDL
  0001296    Scenariosfeatureresolved (Sven2)2016-01-19Treasure Hunt: nice to have
  0001605    Engine - GUItweakresolved (Zapper)2016-01-18script GUI windows: pure text windows should show a scroll bar themselves
  0001347    Engine - Graphicsfeaturenew2016-01-18Lights - Colored material lights
  000163611 Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-18Broken graphics after unfinished construction has been drawn since OGL3 change
  000163521 Engine - Graphicsminorresolved (Clonk-Karl)2016-01-18Broken flagpole graphics since OGL3 change
  0001623    Scenariostweakresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Hot ice: Map generation should favor the middle of the map
  0001622    Scenariosmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Menus overlap in tutorial
  000159321 Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorials: NPC and guide dialogues overlap
  00015971   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorial 4: Talking to village elder broken
  00015961   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorial 3: Talking to the lumberjack
  00016173   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-01-17Tutorial 3: Construction site can be cancelled
  000162411 Objectsminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Grafitti line through the map
  00016261   Scenariosminorresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Mouse position sometimes off while using pickaxe and shovel in multiplayer
  00016012   Enginefeatureresolved (Sven2)2016-01-17Make editor main window and property windows resizable under Windows