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2019-10-22 16:11 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00019381   Engineminorclosed (Foaly)2019-05-07Editor shuts down when pressing Ctrl + W
  00020381   Objectstextresolved (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29Fields in German
  00020651   Engine - Graphicscrashresolved (Clonkonaut)2019-04-29Wrong OpenGL context set, some of the time.
  00020493   Engineminorclosed (Marky)2019-03-31Bug or feature? Properties get evaluated in Desc*.txt?
  00020431   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Marky)2018-12-20Feature Request: GetEnergy(bool exact)
  000197413   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-20Tools carried visibly on the Clonk when dying are invisible when picked up again
  000196910   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-14Pushing a lorry into a cabin makes the contents irretrievable
  000180861 Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2018-01-13Fight for the Gidl: Dynamite Fuse disappears after switch
  00019764   Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-13Fight for GIDL: GIDL moves
  000197331 Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2018-01-11Gem Grabbers: New gems can grow on wooden bridges
  00019601   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2018-01-07Horrid Highway unplayable
  0001951102 Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-12-29Making water disappear with an airplane
  000195841 Objectsmajorresolved (Zapper)2017-12-27Slow motion rain effects, slow motion game?
  00012497   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-12-27Fire particles of incinerated powder keg are at clonk's center when being carried.
  00019622   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2017-12-03Deathmatch completely broken
  00019612   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-30Airplane can't shoot bullets
  000174031 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-25No health shown in savegame, also building materials are not shown at building site
  00019551   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-17Dynamite igniter is invisible
  00019542   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-17Airplane: Afterburner doesn't stop when airplane gets submerged
  0001148233 Objectstweakresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-11-11Loam from sand
  00019481   Documentationminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11MAPALGO_Turbulence is missing "Op" parameter
  00016136   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11Arrows become invisible when the bow is destroyed
  00019505   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11RemoveObject(true) in Container, no Collection callback
  00019134   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-10Switching inventory while using dynamite igniter
  000142321 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-19Clonk is sometimes facing the wrong direction when hanging on a cross bow rope
  00017094   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-08-19Spam balloons
  00015661   Scenariostrivialresolved (Maikel)2017-08-05Escape the volcano: Black sky but no stars or moon
  00018844   Engineminorresolved (Sven2)2017-07-13Editor action buttons are duplicate (for writable properties) and don't update
  000157212   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2017-06-20Feature: Concrete item
  00018871   Scenariostextresolved (Maikel)2017-06-17IRC feedback for tutorial #2
  00018882   Scenariostextresolved (Maikel)2017-06-17IRC feedback for tutorial # 3
  00019171   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-06-03Scaffolds don't like basements
  000188531 Engine - Networkminorresolved (Maikel)2017-02-03Allowing script players to join in network rounds.
  0001879121 Objectsmajorresolved (Sven2)2017-01-19Golden Mountain: Pump doesn't pump lava
  00018733   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2017-01-12Weapons, such as the bow, can be used during dialogues
  00018154   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-25don't require source pipe to pump air to helmet
  00015017   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21Check for unused sounds automatically
  00016691   Objectsfeatureresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21WallKit antistuck
  00017163   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21stucking in metal bridges sucks.
  00016834   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-21Multiple goals are not displayed correctly
  000176081 Engineminorclosed2016-12-20Tunnels are missing random earth pixels on the ceiling
  00018681   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-18Script error on incinerated compensator
  00018511   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Wind generator: GetPowerNetwork() either not called from definition context or no object specified..
  00018641   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Dynamite Box cannot be put into Chemical Lab
  000186611 Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-16Goldrush: Construction Goal doesn't recognize gold idol
  00018466   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-12-01Power producer change their owner to NO_OWNER
  00018384   Scenariosminorresolved (Maikel)2016-11-11Tutorial 06: Catapult on the right island is stuck
  000038015   Objectsminorclosed (Maikel)2016-08-29Ropes library: Performance issues
  00017981   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Sven2)2016-08-27Saving references to dynamic proplists created in Definition()
  00018161   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2016-08-26Dynamite Box not exploding when ignited