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2019-06-19 05:53 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00012411   Engineminornew2017-12-11SDL_mixer: Inaccessible audio device not handled correctly
  000135971 Enginecrashresolved (Caesar)2017-12-10Crash when Material.ocg contains invalid data
  00017141   Engine - Renderingmajorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10Crash at end of round before evaluation screen
  00017222   Engine - Renderingcrashclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10Crash when using boompack in StdMeshTrack::GetTransformAt
  00017131   Engine - Renderingmajorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10Crash with not specified or sprite IconSpec
  000163121 Engineminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10Crash in network round (FoW & Property)
  00014551   Graphicstweakclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10Diamond Graphic is not shown transparent in menu
  00014791   Engine - GUIminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10Bug when changing resolutions in windowed mode
  00018321   Engineminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-12-10OpenClonk does not reset screen resolution after pressing Esc
  00016812   Enginemajorresolved (Caesar)2017-12-08volume parameter of SoundAt() does not work
  00017952   Enginemajornew2017-12-07SDL_Mixer: Re-enabling music does not work
  00019622   Objectsmajorresolved (Maikel)2017-12-03Deathmatch completely broken
  00019612   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-30Airplane can't shoot bullets
  0001959    Engine - Renderingmajornew2017-11-27Drawing issues when game isn't focused during scenario loading
  000186572 Objectsminorconfirmed2017-11-25Pumps not pumping anymore
  000174031 Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-25No health shown in savegame, also building materials are not shown at building site
  00019551   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-17Dynamite igniter is invisible
  00019542   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-17Airplane: Afterburner doesn't stop when airplane gets submerged
  0001148233 Objectstweakresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-11-11Loam from sand
  00019481   Documentationminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11MAPALGO_Turbulence is missing "Op" parameter
  00019141   Objectsfeaturenew2017-11-11Don't cancel reloading when changing action
  00016136   Engine - Controlsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11Arrows become invisible when the bow is destroyed
  00019505   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-11RemoveObject(true) in Container, no Collection callback
  00019134   Objectsminorresolved (Maikel)2017-11-10Switching inventory while using dynamite igniter
  00019531   Engineminornew2017-11-05During runtime join, existing players are invalid in OnSynchronized() call
  000104115   Objectsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-11-01Wood and burned wood get stacked together
  000129431 Graphicsminornew2017-10-29Broken UV Map in Clonks source file & exports
  000190612   Objectsminorresolved (K-Pone)2017-10-27Last man standing keeps creating new Rule_Relaunch objects
  000177131 Engine - Graphicsminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-27Transparency in dialogue pictures is broken with Intel HD Graphics Family
  00014402   Engine - GUItweakresolved2017-10-26Can't Delete Scenarios / Missionfolders in Frontend
  000138912   Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (G√ľnther)2017-10-26Aul integer overflow results in strange numbers on 64 bit machines
  00015883   Graphicsminorresolved (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Gold Nugget color does not match gold material color
  00012727   Engine - Graphicsminorconfirmed2017-10-26Line corners can no longer be colored
  00014371   Engine - Graphicsminorassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-10-26GFX_BLIT_ClrSfc_OwnClr does not work for meshes
  0000492161 Objectsminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Objects move through solid material
  00018492   Scenariosmajorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Get stuck in landscape in Treasure hunt map
  00018632   Engineminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26OpenClonk crashes when saving a game.
  00016512   Website - Master Servertrivialfeedback2017-10-26League: Filter past games without players that only lasted seconds
  00016583   Enginecrashconfirmed2017-10-26Crash when reloading an object
  000183011 Scenarioscrashclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Game crash when i try to load savegame
  00017941   Scenariosminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26error in loading saved games
  000178031 Scenarioscrashclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Game crashes on starting tutorial scenario
  000175621 Objectsminorclosed (Clonkonaut)2017-10-26Clonk gets stuck
  000164211   Website - Automated Buildsminornew2017-10-26In the release source tarball, all files are marked as executable
  000144511 Engine - Networkminornew2017-10-26Crashdump from LZB Try
  00016638   Objectsminorassigned (Maikel)2017-10-26Improvements to airplane
  00009177   Enginemajoracknowledged (Sven2)2017-10-26Player.ocp sometimes deleted
  00017251   Website - Automated Buildstweakassigned (Clonk-Karl)2017-10-26Everything is in root of tarball
  000181251 Development Environmentblockconfirmed2017-10-26Editor window turns black with Intel GDI
  00019202   Documentationblocknew2017-10-26Doumentation for EditorProps insufficient