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2019-04-22 14:53 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00020621   Engineminornew2019-04-22Packed Music.ocg delays start by several seconds.
  00020631   Engine - Graphicsmajornew2019-04-22Screen brightness changes when volume is changed.
  00020581   Enginefeatureresolved (Marky)2019-04-13Remove Bridge procedure
  00019277   Enginefeaturenew2019-04-07Feature Request: Pause/Resume the game via script
  00020571   Engineminorresolved (Marky)2019-04-06Remove deprecated ID constants
  00012512   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Marky)2019-04-06Load System.ocg also from non-empty object folders
  00020603   Engineminorresolved (Marky)2019-04-06Objects on the ground fling a Clonk when walking over them
  00020591   Enginefeaturenew2019-04-05Loading multiple script files from a definition
  00020561   Engineminornew2019-04-03Causing lots of explosions simultaneously causes lag from screen shaking
  00019161   Objectsfeatureresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Less coconuts
  0002053    Scenariosminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31It is possible to finish the Power Problems immediately after start by just producing the air plane
  0002055    Objectsfeaturenew2019-03-31Torches for building sites (in tutorials)?
  0001733    Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Library_Vendor: rename QueryRebuy to e.g. QueryRejectRebuy
  0001737    Engine - C4Scriptminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Add keyword any to C4Script
  00020441   Objectsminorresolved (Marky)2019-03-31Player Start: Cannot add entries to base material
  000138431 Enginefeaturenew2019-03-31Make cross-check script-accessible
  00020541   Enginefeaturenew2019-03-31Feature request: Register custom OCFs
  00013515   Enginefeaturenew2019-03-30Object physics - Connected vertices
  00020331   Website - Master Servermajorresolved (Luchs)2019-03-10League refuses player join
  0002052    Engineminornew2019-02-01Only two teams available after enabling random teams
  00020511   Engine - C4Scriptmajorresolved (Luchs)2019-02-01GetTeamCount returns inconsistent values with surprise random teams
  00020361   Objectstrivialresolved (Maikel)2019-02-01Create loam with god's hands
  00020411   Enginemajorresolved (Luchs)2019-02-01Version 9.0-alpha win throws Error
  000145421 Enginetweakresolved (Luchs)2019-01-30Stars only in the top left corner in Full Screen
  00018741   Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27C4Script error in interaction menu (pretty random)
  00019996   Engineminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Editor button only works on Windows/Linux
  00011652   Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Rename GetPlrColor
  00017246   Website - Automated Buildsminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27No secure download options
  00015322   Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Wrong function names: *HomebaseMaterial
  0001749    Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Online documentation does not clean up deleted functions
  0001275    Documentationminorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-27Documentation does not seem to be up to date for removed functions
  00020502   Objectsminornew2019-01-20Behaviour of smoke with non-standard gravity
  00016573   Enginemajorresolved (Luchs)2019-01-02OpenClonk registers the same clonk:// url handler as Clonk Rage
  00018718   Objectsminorassigned (Marky)2018-12-27Improvements to liquid system
  00020431   Engine - C4Scriptfeatureresolved (Marky)2018-12-20Feature Request: GetEnergy(bool exact)
  0002048    Engine - C4Scriptmajornew2018-12-11Find_ID() does ignore objects under unknown circumstances.
  0002047    Enginefeaturenew2018-11-24Feature request: More options for damage tracking
  0002045    Engineminornew2018-08-08Scenario list loader: Currently loaded item is shown in gray even if it doesn't get loaded
  0002042    Enginefeaturenew2018-05-09(Auto)Remove nil values from Player file
  00020081   Enginemajornew2018-05-01Changes in resolution permanently change Desktop resolution, cannot select biggest one
  0002040    Engine - GUIminornew2018-04-28Editor: Action list in Sequence object randomly disables the delete element button
  00020391   Engine - GUItweaknew2018-04-28Editor: Property change controls are only visible when clicked at least once
  0002038    Objectstextnew2018-04-27Fields in German
  0002037    Engine - Graphicstweaknew2018-04-27Editor help quick infos exceed the screen width
  0002035    Objectsminornew2018-04-24Editor: Goal_Construction shows Ung├╝ltig in ID_List and is not changeable
  000202823 Engine - GUIcrashnew2018-04-24Hover states in Left/Right/Top/Bottom entries crash the game
  0002032    Engineminornew2018-04-20Scenario cannot be saved twice
  00020262   Website - Automated Buildsmajornew2018-04-19Snapshots return 404 when downloading
  00020302   Objectsminorresolved (Luchs)2018-04-18DFA_Push: Phase by XDIR not working
  00020312   Engine - Graphicsfeaturefeedback (Luchs)2018-04-18Make window resolution available to the fragment shader