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2020-08-11 18:51 UTC

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0000090OpenClonkEnginepublic2015-12-11 20:53
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Summary0000090: Being able to include System.c4g scripts into object scripts and System.c4g subfolders
DescriptionSince we already have quite a few library objects, and these objects are only used for their scripts it would be much nicer in my opinion to put these libraries in System.c4g folders.

System.c4g subfolders which can be arbitrarily named would also be nice, since I my guesses are that we could have more than 50 libraries in the end. Some organizing wouldn't be misplaced then.
Additional InformationNotation could be:
#include "AI-Attack.c"
#include "System.c4g/AI.c4g/Attack.c"
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Newton (administrator)

Well, or we could allow object definitions without a Graphics.png and without a category. Then all that would be left is


And in te Defcore, only ID=... is left.


Another possibility were to be able to include System.c4g scripts in this manner:

#include HitChecks.c

regardless of in which System.c4g they are.


Armin (reporter)

Newton's first suggestion is already normal. Most of the libraries are only DefCore and Script. That's enough(?)


Sven2 (developer)

Yes I allowed definitions without graphics some time ago. Including scripts without definition may not be that simple form an engine point-of-view.

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