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0000868OpenClonkDocumentationpublic2013-11-07 07:10
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Summary0000868: openclonk manual page
DescriptionAttached you can find a manual page I wrote for the Debian Project based on your own documentation (hence the same license applies, feel free to include it). It does not include the short stanzas about clonk://update/ causing an update check and the update packages. It would be cool if they could be omitted in an WITH_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES=0 build, too, if the manual page is incorporated (duplicating content already present in docs, sadly).
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Günther (developer)

I'm not sure duplicating this information is a sound idea. Especially in a format approximately nobody knows how to edit. Our xml doc format at least has the advantage of being similar to HTML or using english words.

Hm, how about adding some useful --help output to the clonk binary and using help2man? That would still duplicate the information, but the help output should be far less in risk of not being maintained.


Newton (administrator)

Sounds good


Newton (administrator)

Hmm, turns out I don't feel confident to change anything there. The commandline parameters (so including a --help) are parsed after lots of other stuff is already done, including initializing the GUI window. So apart from printing the help text (and changing the install scripts to call help2man and put the man page somewhere) one would need to move around code in the window initialization and enable some kind of console-only-and-then-quit mode for --help.

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