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2020-08-15 11:33 UTC

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0000835OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2017-08-26 10:35
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Summary0000835: Standart font size needs to be bigger
DescriptionThe standart font size after the installation should be 20 (the biggest) by default.It's easier to read and some text and buttons (e.g. in the network dialog or the lobby) look better.

The current size (14) is still left from when we had to play at 800x600.
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related to 0001695new Automatically detect monitor DPI and set default text size accordingly 



Sven2 (developer)

What if some people still play at 800x600? I think the standard should be derived from your resolution.


Ringwaul (developer)

I agree with Sven2. I use 960x540 windowed 99% of the time, so 20 would be a bit big.


Newton (administrator)

It should scale with the horizontal resolution. Anyone cares to create a translation table? (resolution -> default font size)


Newton (administrator)

Perhaps we could remove the change font size feature then. I can't think of any reason why someone would want to change his font out of proportion.


Caesar (developer)

@Maikel is this fixed?

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