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2020-05-30 12:14 UTC

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0000675OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2015-10-13 14:07
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Summary0000675: Text Formation in the Game Menues
DescriptionWell you see - until CE we had colours, letter types, fat and italic and stuff. And this was used to make the descriptions better readable. Hints could be made gray and stuff.

So I would really appreciate such possibilities again as a players. Scrolling plain text is like, really not what a player should expect from us.
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ala (developer)

An additional wish would be to Create sections at the Description window, like: "Description/Hints/Goal/Story" for example. Those files could be displayed in the description window just like tabs in an internet browser.


Newton (administrator)

I like it better if the scenario author doesnt have the possibility to fuck up his scenario description.


ala (developer)

What's that attitude?
"In Clonk the players should have full control about everything, EXCEPT the scenario description!"

I mean, everybody can fuck up his scenario in 1000 other ways, you have to trust the developers anyway.

AND: The amount of abuse was very slow in CE-CR and stuff - whereas the amount of people using them was very high, and we liked it a lot.


Sven2 (developer)

C4RTF is prepared to handle formatting. It wouldn't be difficult to implement.


Maikel (developer)

We should give scenario authors that freedom. Though in the official releases we really don't want to have some WordArt-fest.


Newton (administrator)

hmm, you have a point there@ala

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