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0000575OpenClonkGraphicspublic2017-08-20 11:39
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Summary0000575: Moon vanishes if zoomed in too far
DescriptionWhen your clonk walks down the first hill the moon isn't there. Walking further the moon suddenly appears.
(It can also vanish and reappear.)
Steps To ReproduceStart the Lesson Close Range Weapon (Nahkampfwaffen)
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has duplicate 0000664closed Tutorial 4: And suddenly: moon! 



Ringwaul (developer)

It seems to disappear when the camera is zoomed in 'too far'. When the camera is pulled back, the moon reappears.

Of course I have no idea why...


Günther (developer)

I suspect the clipping interacts badly with the parallaxity.


Ringwaul (developer)

Changed the title of the bug-report since this bug occurs for all scenarios


Newton (administrator)

Sven suspected that the virtual camera calculated for parallax objects might get "behind" the moon if zoomed in too far.

Anyway, it would be great if you had a look at this, Günther. From all the people in the project, I think you are the one that understands the parallax drawing the most.

You could start a scenario with just a clonk and the moon, put a breakpoint in the drawing routine of the moon or something. So, are you up to it? (Just assign back to me if you don't think you can fix that anytime soon - I will give it a try then.)


Günther (developer)

I suspect the right thing would be to simply remove the out-of-bounds check and let the drawing code handle it. Perhaps only for parallax objects if that turns out to be too slow.


Newton (administrator)

Wouldn't then all objects in the landscape tried to be drawn? (instead of just those that are within the viewport.


Günther (developer)



Newton (administrator)

I think the better way would be to fix the clipping code for parallax objects.


Günther (developer)

Removing the "// Output boundary" block in C4Object::Draw seems to fix this.


Günther (developer)

Does this suffice?
diff --git a/src/object/C4Object.cpp b/src/object/C4Object.cpp
index aa1dfb6..8dbd8d7 100644
--- a/src/object/C4Object.cpp
+++ b/src/object/C4Object.cpp
@@ -1892,7 +1892,7 @@ void C4Object::Draw(C4TargetFacet &cgo, int32_t iByPlayer, DrawMode eDrawMode, f
        if (!eDrawMode) SetAudibilityAt(cgo, GetX(), GetY());
        // Output boundary
- if (!fYStretchObject && !eDrawMode)
+ if (!fYStretchObject && !eDrawMode && !(Category & C4D_Parallax))
                if (pActionDef && !r && !pActionDef->GetPropertyInt(P_FacetBase) && Con<=FullCon)


Newton (administrator)

so real clipping is not possible then?


Günther (developer)

I don't feel like doing the necessary math. This is me finally admitting this and removing bug reminding me that I haven't done it "yet".

Though it might be as simple as applying the new zoom to the offX/offY coordinates in that block.


Günther (developer)

well, and the dimensions.


Newton (administrator)

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If its that easy (for you) I don't understand why you chose to do that solution - that is something I could have done as well.

Don't you have a PC where you can test the changes?


Günther (developer)

The keyword is _might_. And it might be *newzoom/oldzoom, or (offx-viewportx)*newzoom/oldzoom + viewportx, or something else. And the biggest task is to test the edge cases, for example objects with unusual offsets.

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