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2019-12-15 22:00 UTC

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0000568OpenClonkEngine - Graphicspublic2016-06-16 16:58
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Summary0000568: Players should have two colors
DescriptionTwo colors provide more possibilities, making it more likely that everyone has a unique color (combination) in rounds with lots of players.
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B_E (reporter)

Sounds very interesting actually, i would support this.


Armin (reporter)

Hmm just listing some cons that came to my mind:
(-) When Clonks would have two overlays, it makes it harder to create your own Clonk skins.
(-) It is maybe hard to place two different overlays in any Clonk skin. See Shirtless & Alchemist skin.
(-) Creating AI players requires one more parameter to make them look realistic.
(-) There are no other buildings or items that can have two different overlays. Flags will stay in the color of the Clonk.

And when implementing the suggestion that only one of the overlays is directed to the team:
(-) It may be even more confusing to find out which colored part of the Clonk is the color that shows in which team he is in. Does the flag building have the color of his shirt/pants, or his teams pants/shirt?
(-) It will be a bit harder to find enemy Clonks because they have less hostile color.


Luchs (administrator)

I started an implementation of this:

Armin: I only plan to add engine support for this. The points you mention are probably valid considerations for our artists who then need to incorporate more overlay colors into the Clonk skins and in objects.

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