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2020-07-09 18:13 UTC

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0000040OpenClonkEnginepublic2013-11-06 11:46
Assigned ToIsilkor 
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Summary0000040: No Response (windows)
DescriptionFollowing behaviour:
If I tab out, I can't bring OpenClonk to the front by clicking on the task bar. The click does nothing. The only thing I can do is to right-klick on it and choose "X Close". But then, it doesn't close but bring OpenClonk to the front. Fully responsive and working. A few seconds later appears the "Shutdown application: The application does not respond" dialog which offers to Cancel or close the program.
Additional InformationI use the Clonk debug build. Started in developer mode.

Probably the same problem as this:
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Isilkor (developer)

We believe this bug has been fixed in changeset 0210b10f9566 on the default branch. If the issue persists, please reopen this report.

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