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2021-09-17 00:25 UTC

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0000388OpenClonkEngine - Controlspublic2016-05-01 20:32
Assigned ToLuchs 
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Target VersionFixed in Version8.0 
Summary0000388: Gamepad control inoperable with splitscreen
DescriptionWhen two players are on one computer, the second using a gamepad, the gamepad tries to control player 1 (all the controls issued to player 1 from player 2's gamepad are on the wrong buttons though, for instance, pressing the d-pad to walk left or right selects crew members instead).
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Newton (administrator)

Yes, thats known. It is an incomplete feature. But good to know that I seem to be the only one where gamepad control does not work at all anymore.


Ringwaul (developer)

Weird. Gamepad works 100% when I only use one player.


aapo (reporter)

For me Gamepad works on single player game, but with splitscreen it doesn't do anything.


Go2Hero (reporter)

I have it problems too.Please!Help!


Newton (administrator)

This is not something that will be solved in a day. Also, there is probably no workaround for it so splitscreen can be officially declared as broken currently.

However, there is one thing you might try out:
1. Open the PlayerControls.txt in System.c4g
2. Select and copy the section starting with

    # ======================================================================= #
    # Dualshock-like gamepad (10-12 buttons, 1 D-Pad, 2 analog stick) #
    # ======================================================================= #

3. Paste the copied section behind that section and change every Key=Joy1* entry into Key=Joy2* in that section. Change the name to Gamepad2_GamepadCon_IntQueue_

4. Save the file and select in the player options for one player the 1st Gamepad_GamepadCon_IntQueue_ and for the second player Gamepad2_GamepadCon_IntQueue_ as control.


Go2Hero (reporter)

I have Windows 7 OS. Files .c4g not open. I can't run in notepad them.


Newton (administrator)

you have to unpack the .c4g with c4group.exe:

1. Run cmd.exe with administrator privilegues (right-click: run as administrator)
2. go to the clonk directory: cd "C:\Program Files\OpenClonk"
3. save the original System.c4g: copy System.c4g System2.c4g
4. unpack the System.c4g: c4group.exe System.c4g -x

Now you can access the System.c4g as a directory. To play online, you will have to place the original System.c4g in its place again.


Go2Hero (reporter)
What a problem?


Newton (administrator)

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I'm assigning this to Zapper as a reminder for him that this doesn't work yet. He is currently working on the controls to make gamepad controls work again.

Perhaps you even dare to take a look at the engine code there as I'd like to spare Sven2 of control bugs as much as possible. Control stuff is coming out of his ears already.


Luchs (administrator)

This was fixed when I merged my gamepad branch. Gamepad controls still aren't great and the split screen hud is broken, but controls go to the right players.

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