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2021-09-25 17:30 UTC

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0000029OpenClonkWebsitepublic2013-11-06 11:46
Assigned ToNewton 
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Summary0000029: Bugtracker should hide closed bugs by default
DescriptionCurrently our Bugtracker shows closed bugs on some places where they aren't usually wanted. There should be no closed bugs on the "Unassigned" list. Also on the "View all issues" list there should be only active bugs visible by default and a button to show all (also closed) bugs.
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Ape (reporter)

This is something I'd like to have by default:


Newton (administrator)

I added a filter, choosable from the thing from the top

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2009-07-15 13:27 Ape New Issue
2009-07-15 13:32 Ape Note Added: 0000062
2009-09-29 01:09 Newton Note Added: 0000102
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2013-11-06 11:46 Newton Fixed in Version => 1.0
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