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2021-09-25 19:28 UTC

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0000027OpenClonkEnginepublic2009-10-14 23:12
Assigned ToIsilkor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000027: Segfault on start
DescriptionI downloaded the newest revision and tried to compile it. I first read the README, which told to use autoreconf or ./configure, but I couldn't find the needed files for neither of those. Instead I found out that I could use cmake. So I ran "cmake . && make" and it finished with no errors. Then I tried to run the game with "./clonk" and got "Segmentation fault". I double checked that I had all the dependencies and tried to recompile, but with no luck.
Additional InformationI use Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit with GCC 4.3.3.
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Ape (reporter)

I tried to use an older revision (r111) and it worked.


Ape (reporter)

The problem doesn't exist on r125. Only with the r126.


Isilkor (developer)

The problem is a memset(3) that clobbers a C++ class.


Ape (reporter)

I downloaded the newest revision (which doesn't work because of this) and reverted the changes from the r126. So I got all the newer changes, but the older StdBuf. It works perfectly.


Isilkor (developer)

I've backed out the changeset that made StdBuf inherit from std::string, since these segfaults were introduced by that change. This is only fixing symptoms though, not the cause; I guess somewhere some code overwrites std::string data. I haven't found the root cause of the segfault though, thus resolving this as suspended instead of fixed.

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