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2021-12-08 13:29 UTC

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0002068OpenClonkEnginepublic2019-06-22 11:27
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Summary0002068: Editor: Problems when selecting materials with more than 15 character in texture or material name
DescriptionIn the editor, material and texture names are limited to C4M_MaxName = 15 characters, but in the rest of the engine they are partially not (C4Texture uses StdCopyStrBuf for the names, the material itself uses the C4M_MaxName).

The editor correctly displays texture names with more than 15 characters, but fails when trying to paint such a texture:
1) Select material Backwall-backwall_bricks1 => works
2) Paint it => error message: Error initializing material BackWall-backwall_bricks: Invalid texture!

The length limit is applied to the material name "Backwall" and texture name "backwall_bricks1" separately.
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