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2019-07-21 09:07 UTC

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0002046OpenClonkEngine - C4Scriptpublic2018-12-11 20:17
Assigned ToMarky 
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Summary0002046: GetTeamColor() has an alpha value of 0
DescriptionIn my opinion, the alpha value in colors provided by GetTeamColor() should be 255 instead of 0. At the moment, if you call someobject->SetClrModulation(GetTeamColor(1)) that object becomes invisible.

This is done on purpose, instead of calling SetColor() ;)
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Luchs (administrator)

The automatically-assigned colors correctly have alpha=255. I assume you set these colors with alpha=0 yourself in Teams.txt? In that case, it's correctly passing through the colors you set, and the alpha value is just usually ignored for player and team colors.


Marky (developer)

That could indeed be the cause of the problem. Colors were ported from Clonk Rage, e.g. Color=33535, and logically this value would have alpha=0.


Marky (developer)

See comment by Luchs

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