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2019-06-19 05:17 UTC

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0002034OpenClonkEngine - C4Scriptpublic2018-04-22 14:25
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Summary0002034: Feature Request: Allow function definitions in proplists outside of effects
DescriptionCalling getter and setter functions in proplists is better than accessing properties directly:
- one can rename the property internally, without breaking the access in other scripts
- if the getter/setter function is renamed the function call will fail, and that gets you a script error, so the error is detectable. Accessing a property by its name will either set an unused property, or simply return nil, which is hard to debug.

Currently this can be done by creating a definition with functions, e.g.

"MyPropertyDef" with the function "SetFoo(value){ = value; }", and then making a proplist "var my_proplist = new MyPropertyDef{};"

Being able to define functions in normal proplists (not just effects) is better, in my opinion.
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Luchs (administrator)

I'm not sure what the request is about. Effect proplists aren't special in any way. You can put functions in any proplist, see for example AStar.c [1] or HotIce.ocs/Script.c [2].



Marky (developer)

Ok, has to be constant then. I suggested creating a proplist with functions to Clonkonaut, so he created a new definition that implements this functions and used the definition as a prototype. Then I created this bug, because I thought it should be possible with normal proplists, too. Since it is, we can close the bug?

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