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2021-09-25 18:34 UTC

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0002028OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2018-04-24 19:59
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Versiongit master 
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Summary0002028: Hover states in Left/Right/Top/Bottom entries crash the game
DescriptionI don't know if the title really depicts the correct bug description here. I couldn't come up with a minimal example, so sorry for the rather cluttered test scenario. The relevant code is in:
OIM_NewStyle.ocd/Script.c lines 493 and 496

Basically, I tried using Hover states in Left and Bottom entries in a GUI. This doesn't immediately crash the game though. Only when I reopen the menu. Release 8.1 works fine, only my engine built from git HEAD crashes.
Steps To ReproduceStart Interaction_Menu_Crash.ocs
Press E to open the Interaction Menu once.
Press E again to close it.
Press E again, game crashes.
Additional Informationline 493
var left = { Std = "2.25em", OnHover = "2em" };

line 496
var bottom = { Std = "1.75em", OnHover = "2em" };

in conjunction with

OnMouseIn = GuiAction_SetTag("OnHover"),
OnMouseOut = GuiAction_SetTag("Std"),
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Clonkonaut (developer)

I think you know this code best.


Clonkonaut (developer)

I'll try again because apparently sending mails didn't work:


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