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2021-09-29 01:36 UTC

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0002008OpenClonkEnginepublic2018-05-01 14:31
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version8.1 
Target Version8.2Fixed in Version 
Summary0002008: Changes in resolution permanently change Desktop resolution, cannot select biggest one
DescriptionThere are several severe bugs with resolution and Windows in OC.

Changing resolution in Clonk permanently changes the Desktop resolution.
Starting Clonk with a different resolution than Desktop will also set the Desktop resolution.

So pretty much playing OC with a different resolution than your Desktop is impossible.

Also, when in fullscreen, I cannot select the biggest resolution (1920x1080 for me). I get the error message: IDS_ERR_DISP_CHANGE_BADMODE
Additional InformationThis might be related, at least with the big resolution problem:

Graphics card is the AMD Radeon HD 7800 with currently newest driver (version 18.2.1).
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Caesar (developer)

Hm. Does OC maybe crash before it resets the desktop resolution on exit?

Either way, this is a feature, and hence we should make sure it works, but I gotta ask: is this important? For which reasons would you set a different resolution?

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