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2021-09-29 01:39 UTC

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0001976OpenClonkScenariospublic2018-01-13 08:51
Assigned ToMarky 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
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Target Version8.1Fixed in Versiongit master 
Summary0001976: Fight for GIDL: GIDL moves
DescriptionThe statue moves around when being attacked.
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Marky (developer)

Does it change the actual position, or does it "flinch", i.e. something with the animation?


Clonkonaut (developer)

Position change, like living objects when being hit (because it is a living object).


Marky (developer)

Then I know the reason: Originally the GIDL was stuck in the ground. That looked strange, so I moved it upwards...


occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset 78060d5 by Mark <>
Fix 0001976: Prevent GIDL from moving
The GIDL is now C4D_Living and C4D_StaticBack, preventing it from moving. At first I thought that adding an underground vertex would be sufficient, but that still made the idol move/shake when hit.


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