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2021-09-29 00:58 UTC

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0001969OpenClonkObjectspublic2018-01-14 13:47
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Summary0001969: Pushing a lorry into a cabin makes the contents irretrievable
DescriptionIf you push a filled lorry into a wooden cabin you cannot get those items anymore, because the cabin does not display any contents.
Steps To ReproduceIn "acid drilling", grab the lorry and push it in front of the cabin entrance. Hold the interaction key and cycle to "Enter wooden cabin". If you choose this action the lorry enters the cabin and its contents are inside the cabin.

You can probably get the items back by destroying the cabin.
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Marky (developer)

I'd simply remove the Entrance() function from the lorry: The only structure that can be entered is the wooden cabin and it does not have any container functionality (what is it good for even?). The callback NoLorryEjection() that the lorry issues in Entrance() is also not implemented anywhere.


Maikel (developer)

There is also the guard tower (not in the main repos yet) which can be entered and the lorry should not eject contents in this case.


Marky (developer)

So, if we were to keep the Entrance() function in the lorry I'd rather have a callback that triggers the lorry ejection instead of one that prevents it: I'd actually only want the lorry to eject its contents if it enters a building where you'd need the lorry contents.


Maikel (developer)



occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset 66adf0f by Mark <>
Fix 0001969: Lorry does not eject contents by default
Instead, the lorry asks a container whether it should eject its contents. This is done via the callback LorryEjectionOnEntrance(object lorry) in the object that is being entered.
The old callback NoLorryEjection(object lorry) is obsolete.


Marky (developer)

Note that the lorry is still irretrievable in the cabin :/


Marky (developer)

Regarding the last problem: I wanted to prevent pushing "interaction objects" into a building if the building is not a container.

This is could done by modifying Objects.ocd/Libraries.ocd/ClonkInteractionControl.ocd/Script.c, line 528:

ObjectCommand("Enter", action_info.interaction_object, nil, nil, nil, C4CMD_Enter_PushTarget);

so that you push the interaction object only if the building is a container. However, this is really specific and may lead to further errors, such as entering the building with the clonk only and leaving the vehicle outside.
Another (probably better?) option is preventing the entrance interaction while pushing a vehicle, if the building is not a container. This makes it clear that you cannot push the vehicle inside, and you have to consciously let go if it before you can enter.


occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset 7b13b34 by Mark <>
Fix 0001969: Prevent pushing vehicles into buildings where they are irretrievable


Marky (developer)

I tested and liked my proposed solution :)


Maikel (developer)

I added the possibility for structures to accept vehicles even though they are not a container.

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