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2020-08-15 16:19 UTC

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0001964OpenClonkObjectspublic2017-12-27 14:46
Assigned ToZapper 
Product Versiongit master 
Target Version8.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001964: Partially used loam is sorted inconsistently
DescriptionWhen opening the inventory menu, partially used loam is sorted together with complete loam. Once you take out any item, the partially used loam is sorted to the front. This is very annoying if you're trying to take out multiple items.
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Luchs (administrator)

Screenshot124.png - before taking out a wood
Screenshot125.png - after taking out a wood

Note that the cursor is now over metal instead of wood.


occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset d108cdd by David Dormagen <>
inventory menu: be more lenient when it comes to finding matches between updates (0001964)

The matching had a few issues:
Items with the same symbol were supposed to be stacked, but the "symbol" changed from ID to object at some point. So same-type objects were no longer correctly matched.
Items with different text (e.g. amount) but everything else the same should be stacked. But simple proplist equality is obviously not sufficient to determine whether the contents of the proplist changed.

The order of the items is generally more stable now. I hope this doesn't introduce other issues.


Zapper (developer)

I generally made the matching more lenient.

Not 100% sure about what the problem for the loam was, but objects with amounts were not matched at all. And now also the loam works in my tests.

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