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2021-09-18 05:45 UTC

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0001926OpenClonkObjectspublic2017-07-13 19:54
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Summary0001926: Healing / Eating possible if health is full
DescriptionA clonk with full energy can eat a bread, nothing prevents him from doing so. Unfortunately, this also immediately removes the healing effect, because it stops once the target is healed.
This makes eating things at 100% health usually pointless, so I propose that either eating should be prevented when you are at 100% health, or that the healing effect gets a buffer/waiting time where it is still in effect but does not heal anything as long as you are at full health.

Preventing to eat food while at full health has the downside that you cannot use the item every time that you want, but it also prevents accidentally wasting your items.

Having a waiting time for the healing effect can turn you invincible if you manage to eat enough food, so that is also tricky.

Of course, we could leave it as it is, maybe there was a discussion that I missed. In the Hazard bug tracker there is also an entry that said "I cannot use a medipack while at full health", so I guess there is some expectation towards being able to waste items.
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Armin (reporter)

There are many more situations where wasting food could be useful: People may want to "delete" items, want to roleplay a castle dinner party with lots of food, eat custom modded food that will give you special effects besides healing etc. etc.

I kill the effect because of ala's description here but it can be changed quickly If changed, it would be possible to swim further through acid and lava. Not sure about that. Also, I wonder if DoEnergy(1) would keep blinking the heart graphic when being full health.


Maikel (developer)

I would propose to not be able to eat when at full health. Those multiple healing things are bad. Dinner parties can be achieved by appendtos!


Armin (reporter)

Hm a "appendto reference" is hardly a pro on its own on such a topic. When ppl get used to such a change, noone is gonna do that appendto, especially not for original scenarios.

Multiple healing effects at the same time would still exist without the 100% effect kill. They exist because otherwise players would say that you waste 3 breads if you eat 4 at once (how this a bad thing when you get more healing out of more food?).


Marky (developer)

Good, I'd change it in the following way then:
* eating is prevented if at full health,
* you can still eat multiple breads/whatever as long as you are not at full health, to speed up healing
* the heal effects stop once you are at full health

The implementation would be in such a way that you can change the conditions of using such an item in custom scenarios relatively easy, so that dinner parties (and super bread!) are still possible.

If we were to continue the healing effect while the object is at full health, I'd do it in such a way:
* effect is paused/does nothing while at full health (so DoEnergy(1) would not blink a heart in the GUI)
* effect removes itself if paused for too long (so if you ate half a bread an hour ago the effect would not start healing you once you take damage)

Still, this could cause problems with swimming through lava while healing, and you can always change the logic in a custom scenario anyway.

I want to fix this issue myself, but only after a few days, because my notebook is being repaired and the other computer cannot launch OC.


Marky (developer)

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