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2018-05-23 18:35 UTC

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0001925OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-06-27 20:29
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Summary0001925: Feature Request: Append multiple animations per definition
DescriptionSee, heading "Animations", third paragraph.

Currently we can load one, e.g. appendto.Clonk.skeleton per definition. This is OK, but it also means that you have to include every animation into that file.
It would be great if I the engine did this with all files that match the pattern *.appendto.Definition.skeleton.
So, you could have animation1.appendto.Clonk.skeleton, animation2.appendto.Clonk.skeleton, etc. all in one definition, instead of creating multiple dummy definitions that just exist in order to append the animations.

The changes should be relatively easy, and I could probably do it myself, but I have problems compiling the code since the qt editor was introduced.
Additional Information
Sometimes when working with blender, I want to create multiple files, instead of having one file that contains all my custom animations (these are few anyway, but I am just saying).

So, at the moment I can copy & paste the animation data from one skeleton.xml to the other, and convert it to one skeleton file.
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