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2020-08-12 17:29 UTC

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0001828OpenClonkGraphicspublic2016-10-18 10:51
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Summary0001828: 背景贴图有锯齿
Description当High Resolution Landscape选中时,游戏中的地下背景贴图有锯齿,而无论抗锯齿设置如何都没有改善.
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related to 0001288closedPeterW Some white dots near dirts and other ground 



Zapper (developer)

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Hi, thanks for the bug report!
I'll post a translation to english (using google translate):

>0001828: Background texture has jagged edges
>When the High Resolution Landscape is selected, the underlying background texture in the game is jagged, regardless of the anti-aliasing setting.

Do you have the OpenClonk.log file? (Sorry for not replying in Chinese :) )


yonmoon (reporter)

in nvidia's antialiasing settings option,disable texture sharpening will fix this problem.


yonmoon (reporter)

So please close this issue.


Isilkor (developer)

We may want to figure out how to force AF off on the nVidia X driver if this solves the rendering problem, but since there's an easy workaround I'll close this for now.

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