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2020-09-24 09:50 UTC

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0001823OpenClonkDocumentationpublic2016-10-01 14:20
Assigned ToSven2 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001823: Docs: Example in DrawParticleLine broken
DescriptionExample does not work.

WARNING: parameter 0 of call to GetX is object instead of int
WARNING: parameter 0 of call to GetY is object instead of int
WARNING: parameter 9 of call to DrawParticleLine is int instead of proplist
ERROR: call to "GetX" parameter 1: passed proplist, but expected int.
 by: Object(2)->RoomEntrance
-> Raum Zugang::DrawParticleLine("MagicSpark", 0, 0, GetX(GetCursor())-GetX(), GetY(GetCursor())-GetY(), 20, 100, RGBa(255,50,50,50), RGBa(50,255,50,100), -10)
 = nil
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Sven2 (developer)

Thanks, docs and example updated.


occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset d35fc72 by Sven Eberhardt <>
Fix DrawParticleLine documentation and example 0001823


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