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2019-12-15 12:29 UTC

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0001812OpenClonkDevelopment Environmentpublic2017-10-26 12:35
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7 x64OS Version
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Summary0001812: Editor window turns black with Intel GDI
DescriptionStartup of the editor works just fine but as soon as a viewport window opens, the whole window content turns black.

I'm using Intel HD 2000 (GDI) with outdated drivers.

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Clonkonaut (developer)

Reminder sent to: Sven2


Clonkonaut (developer)

This does suspicious.


Newton (administrator)


Luchs (administrator)

Clonkonaut: The glew initialization code is exactly the same as for fullscreen. The experimental flag is necessary as OC uses a newer OpenGL version than glew supports, I think.


Clonkonaut (developer)

Postponed indefinitely. Older Intel chips are just not supported anymore.

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