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2020-08-14 17:38 UTC

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0001804OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-08-20 12:07
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Target Version8.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0001804: Scenario description causes crash
DescriptionWhen a scenario is loading in network lobby and scenario description is not loaded yet, the game will crash when it's finished loading.
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Luchs (administrator)

So apparently the bug description is inaccurate and the crash happens when you manage to click the "description" tab before the scenario started loading?


K-Pone (developer)

Luchs: Yes.
Join a game, click on description and see 0% or at least something indicating it hasn't been loaded yet, wait until it's loaded -> crash.
Join a game, wait until the scenario is loaded completely, click on description -> no crash.

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