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2021-09-29 01:48 UTC

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0001795OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-12-07 06:07
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Target Version8.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0001795: SDL_Mixer: Re-enabling music does not work
DescriptionMusic plays fine if it is enabled when a round starts. After disabling and re-enabling the music, it does not resume playing.
Steps To ReproduceCompile engine with SDL_Mixer, start round, press F3 multiple times, observe that no music plays.
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Zapper (developer)

F3 should definitely just mute the sound and not unload stuff..


Caesar (developer)

We're using OpenAL as default by now, right? I don't think this is important for the 8.0 release at all.

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2017-12-07 06:07 Caesar Target Version 8.0 => 8.1
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