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2020-07-02 12:55 UTC

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0001784OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-08-20 12:02
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Summary0001784: reproducer change: sound-loss
DescriptionWhen I change the sound reproducer (e.g. loudspeaker -> headset), OC loses its sound.
Restart helps...
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Luchs (administrator)

Are you on Windows? This works fine on Linux with Pulseaudio.


Zapper (developer)

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I can confirm the problem on windows. Very annoying.

PS: for me it usually happens if I pull out my speakers and plug in my headphones (into the same output).


Maikel (developer)

Also happens on Ubuntu 14.04 with normal audio interface from time to time here.


jok (reporter)

On Windows, yes.


Luchs (administrator)

I experimented a bit with this and found that OpenAL stops playing any sounds if you remove all outputs (e.g. you pull out the headphones to plug in the loudspeakers). Switching only works if one output remains all the time.

This works fine with SDL_Mixer, although this implementation has an unrelated issue with music (0001795).


jok (reporter)

Actually, on my laptop there is an output activated all the time.
laptop loudspeakers -> headset

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