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2020-09-24 09:33 UTC

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0001770OpenClonkEngine - Controlspublic2016-08-09 23:21
Assigned ToClonkonaut 
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Summary0001770: Climbing to walking transition error with pressing up
DescriptionThis is a very annoying bug discovered by Happy Striker in the forum:

You can climb a loam bridge (for example) with the buttons up or with the direction key towards the direction of the loam bridge.

If you use the left/right key for climbing there is no problem, but if you use "up" the Clonk will be staying in the air at the transition zone, probably switching between both actions back and forth. I was able to reproduce this on first try with 7.0
Steps To ReproduceClimb up a loam bridge with the "up" button.
Additional InformationOriginal German Message:

- Das Klettern auf eine Metall- bzw Lehmwand hakelt ein wenig, wenn man beim klettern die Pfeiltaste oben verwendet.
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occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset 825c065 by Clonkonaut <>
Added a slight helper for corner scaling when just pressing up (0001770, 0001630).

The problem occurred as soon as the clonk's leg vertices passed the edge. It seems the engine does not really align the bottom vertex to the material. However, the bottom vertex does have CNAT_Bottom & _Left & _Right, in theory it should be properly attached. Maybe this is a little bit broken engine-wise or maybe assigning both left and right to a vertex isn't supported?
Because the lower vertex (foot vertex) isn't attached, the clonk falls down onto its leg vertex and gets stuck in an endless loop of Scale, Jump, Walk, Scale, ...
When pressing left/right, this is no problem as the clonk will be pushed towards the edge when walking and soon touch it with its foot vertex (I assume at this point regular engine behaviour kicks in).

I added a little helper in the scale effect that sets COMD_UpLeft / UpRight whenever this situation is detected and only Up is pressed. 2 frames (1 is not enough) after the effect ended, the ComDir will reset to COMD_Up. It is then possible to climb an edge and stand still on top of it.

Maybe not a perfect solution (a perfect solution would probably be to fix attachment in the engine but I couldn't pinpoint the exact problem) but it works for now.


Clonkonaut (developer)

Fixed for now, let's see when it breaks again!

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