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2021-09-29 02:45 UTC

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0001769OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2017-08-20 12:03
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Summary0001769: Not beeing able to close unwanted menus quickly
DescriptionThis was reported by Happy Striker in the forum:

I remember having trouble with this as well, but have not tested it recently:
If you click on the goal menu in the top corner, or activate it via the 'F'-menu like Happy Striker did, you apparently can only close the menu by activating it again (although I also think it will close after a long time automatically).

Well, but wouldn't a simple x-button (close button) be more intuitive for the player?

I remember another case where I played a tutorial and didn't know how to close the tutorial info box. I had to because it was obstructing my view - though I reported that before, this might already be taken care of.
Additional InformationOriginal German message:

Im gestrigen Szenario habe ich mich mal aus Neugier ins Missionsziel im "F" Menü reingeklickt und dann wird ja ein Fenster mit dem Ziel angezeigt. Dieses Fenster ist dann aber nicht mehr automatisch verschwunden und die einzige Möglichkeit es wieder zu schließen war mittels neuerlichen öffnen des Menüs und einem erneuten Klick auf den Eintrag des Missionsziels.
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ala (developer)

Ah, in Dmysts Feedback a close button was also requested for the dialog menu - which may have the same problem.

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