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2020-05-30 12:43 UTC

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0001760OpenClonkEnginepublic2016-12-20 12:39
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Summary0001760: Tunnels are missing random earth pixels on the ceiling
DescriptionSee picture. The current tunnels look like the picture in the center because DigFree is too random and rough. This shouldn't be intented since the reason why pixels are only missing on the ceiling is because the DigFree of the Dig Action has always been 11 so only the ceiling gets affected by a slight random digging. The slower you dig, the more holes you produce. If it is even lower, even the bottom gets affected.
Additional Informationhis commit ( introduced many changes that made the landscape stuff a bit more fit for a possible polygon landscape. The edges of GetRoundPolygon get a smoothness value which makes explosions extremely random and it is as far as I know not possible to change the explosions smoothless value in C4Script since it is set to 30. Also, ShakeFree and DigFree ( got a default value which is far below 100. The comments say that 100 is fine for a perfect circle which it has always been until then so I would at least set the DigFree value to 100 again.
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Armin (reporter)


Sven2 (developer)

What's the problem with the randomized shape as long as you can still run through it freely? It looks more natural to me.

E.g. see here:

Unless the tunnels are reinforced with concrete, their shape is always a bit wonky. That's how I would imagine tunnels in clonk.


Maikel (developer)

I don't see a problem either, you can dig a tunnel twice (or more) to get the perfect shape.


Armin (reporter)

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I was always a supporter of concrete and that's another reason why I prefer smooth tunnels. Concrete is annoying if it can't flow to the intended place and leaves small rocks behind because the tunnels are too rough. I hated how my concrete behaves on the bottoms of horizontal tunnels. Yeah, the reason why the bottoms of the tunnels are so rough is another bug I can't fix on my own. But there we have the same situation. A change is made that has unexpected, big concequences that are then ignored / regarded as "realistic" irregularities. Not fine! :( (Edit: Don't get me wrong I love how single flying earth pixels fall down now. But not the unexpected pixels during digging.)

I don't like the look at all. It looks even more unnatual because they only spawn at the top. It is is not possible to dig perfect rooms anymore unless you dig 20 times over the same places. This perfectionism in self-created rooms is a fun part imo. I actually want to see the difference between natural(!) tunnels and selfmade tunnels that were made by Clonks and are smooth.

Also, DigFree "Makes a circular hole in semi-solid materials." and no random stuff as the function itself describes it.


Armin (reporter)

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> I don't see a problem either, you can dig a tunnel twice (or more) to get the perfect shape.
Well, did you try that? I did many times and it takes me more than 20 times to get a ceiling smooth. I think I mostly counted to ~25 when smoothing tunnels with the ~lenght of the 3 parts in the picture combined.


Sven2 (developer)

So as a compromise we could make the floor of tunnels flat and keep the ceiling slightly randomized? I think that could make both sides happy.


Armin (reporter)

I proposed this because I thought it's easier to do. Maybe a short delay for the loose-pixel-check can help with them. However, removing ground pixels would would be even better for me:
- You don't have to worry about digging too fast and step on falling pixels which lead to ceiling holes that are bigger than 1px.
- This would also often hide a light bug that happens if a single pixel lies on a clean horizontal tunnel ground.
- Objects roll better.
- The lorry is faster without ground pixels (which is the reason why I think Clonks would never want to dig rough tunnels).


Maikel (developer)

So if you want flat tunnels, you dig a somewhat larger tunnel and then fill the bottom with concrete which is now possible as this item exists.

The digging stays the same because the landscape looks more natural this way.

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