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2019-10-23 13:02 UTC

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0001750OpenClonkEnginepublic2016-06-28 11:56
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Summary0001750: Load a list of definitions via command line call
DescriptionIt would be cool if one could give a list of definitions to the command line call, which would load the given definitions additionally. That way you can keep your own stuff seperated from snapshots or out of the clonk directory and load additional object-definitions with the purpose of debugging.

This is primary a Windmill feature-wish but could also be useful for certain people who start there editor games via command line.
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Apfelclonk (reporter)

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To clarify: The given list consists of paths; I forgot to mention it and rereading the description feels weird without stating it.


Luchs (administrator)

So you want a command-line switch which overrides the scenario definitions?


Apfelclonk (reporter)

Overriding or extending. But overriding seems to be the most consistent solution as you have to list all definitions. If you simply add given definitions via command-line switch there might come up problems with the correct loading order.


Luchs (administrator)

Would adding the current working directory to the load path also solve your problem? This would allow launching the engine from a project directory without any further work.


ClonkGeist (reporter)

Yes, I actually meant it that way so you could add additional loading paths. This would make it easier for us as well.

Btw, this would mean that if a definition was not found in the path of the command-line switch that openclonk would still search for it in its main directory? I'm asking because Rage did not do this. (Which was always a little pain with repositories because you could not have an sub directory for the repository and always needed to copy scenarios and objects to the main directory or clone them directly into the main directory using svn)

Also, would it be possible to pass multiple paths to the command-line switch? (Because it is possible to create child workspaces in Windmill which should inherit definitions of their parent workspaces)

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