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2021-09-29 02:27 UTC

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0001720OpenClonkEngine - Renderingpublic2016-04-21 19:21
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Summary0001720: SetGraphics with GFXOV_MODE_Object takes both visibility of parent object and overlay_object into account
DescriptionThe one of overlay_object should not be taken into account, because that way you can never control the visibility of the new graphics independently.
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Maikel (developer)

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Maikel (developer)

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Sven2 (developer)

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Can't you just attach a helper object to the clonk (make sure it doesn't take shockwave energy!) and overlay that with the modified graphics?

I'm not sure I like that it's not enough to set an object's visibility, but you also have to know about all its overlays.


Maikel (developer)

That is what I did, I attach object dummy to the clonk and use:

clonk.Visibility = VIS_Owner;
dummy->SetGraphics(nil, nil, GFX_Overlay, GFXOV_MODE_Object, nil, nil, clonk);
dummy.Visibility = VIS_All;

Then the dummy is only visible to the owner of the clonk, i.e. the combination of the two visibilities.


Marky (developer)

You could add this to Tests.ocf\OverlayTest.ocs, if it is not already in there. I think it makes sense to add it.

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