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2020-08-15 10:33 UTC

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0001700OpenClonkEnginepublic2016-03-05 13:27
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Summary0001700: Make loose objects semitransparent while digging
DescriptionIt would be handy if you could slightly see the ground through movable objects close to you while digging/picking/drilling.
This would be handy for removing floating pixels with objects (eg chopped trees) stuck to them, as well as digging downwards in a tunnel filled with rocks.
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Zapper (developer)

So you don't want to make just /loose/ objects transparent, but actually EVERY object that is in front of the landscape, right? Including decoration, animals, other Clonks, structures, etc.

Sounds like a bit overkill. Turning that around, the edge of the landscape could also be drawn in front of the objects - similar to how e.g. strategy games draw silhouettes of units behind buildings. I believe the edge information exists for some of the shaders anyway.


Octagon (reporter)

Nope, just the ones you can carry or push, so decoration is unaffected. That's what I meant to say by "movable". That is, most of the things that were C4D_Object or C4D_Vehicle in CR.
The other suggestion seems cool, I'm curious what that would look like in Clonk.

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