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2021-09-17 01:48 UTC

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0001695OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2017-08-26 10:34
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Target Version9.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0001695: Automatically detect monitor DPI and set default text size accordingly
DescriptionOn high-resolution displays, the text may be too small to read, both in the menus and in-game.

Needed fixes:
- allow higher font sizes.
- automatically detect monitor DPI and set default text size accordingly.
Steps To Reproduce1. Have a high-resolution monitor
2. Run OpenClonk
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related to 0000835new Standart font size needs to be bigger 



Maikel (developer)

Can you give more information? Which resolution? A screenshot? Did you check out the font size options in the main menu?


Zapper (developer)

As Maikel said: you can set the font size somewhere in the options. Is the biggest font size big enough?

We /should/ probably check the monitor's DPI and pre-select a decent font size on first startup..


Mupf (reporter)

Some scenarios where you have to zoom out (like the windmill defense thing) are also pretty hard to play with these displays.
My Laptop has a 14" screen with 1920x1080 resolution.


sphalerite (reporter)

Right, apparently I'm blind :D you're right, it's right there in the settings. But yes, making it autodetect a good setting would be nice. Also, is there any particular reason to limit it to a maximum of 20?


Maikel (developer)

There was previously, but not any more, we need to change that again.

Can you tell us what resolution and screen size you are playing with?


sphalerite (reporter)

It's a 1920x1080 39in TV, at about 2-3 metres' distance.


occ (reporter)

Hi! There's been a check-in that references this bug. For more information you can visit the repository browser at this address:

Changeset 5acf34c by Maikel de Vries <>
allow larger font sizes for exotic monitor configurations (0001695)

This can be still improved depending on the monitors dpi and select automatically a font that fits best to the dpi.


Maikel (developer)

I have added more font size options, these can be tested using the latest snapshot.


Luchs (administrator)

Why did you move this to 9.0? I think HiDPI support is important and should be part of 8.0.

Larger font sizes are only a quick fix anyways. For proper HiDPI support, all UI elements need to be scaled.


Maikel (developer)

Because the initial problems has been solved. The rest seemed a feature request. 8.0 is fine for me but I don't see anyone taking this and I see more important engine stuff in the 8.0 roadmap.

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