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2021-09-24 15:12 UTC

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0001679OpenClonkScenariospublic2017-08-05 09:19
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Summary0001679: Switch from Landscape.txt to Map.c
DescriptionLandscape.txt is not powerful and we can mark it as deprecated if we have replaced all repos scenarios.

So let's finish this task! Here are the ones left to do:

Missions.ocf/DeadlyGrotto.ocs/Landscape.txt (Scenario can use an update as well)
Experimental.ocf/Raiders.ocs/Landscape.txt (Scenario can be deleted?)
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Luchs (administrator)

Why? It's still powerful enough for a lot of scenarios and may be more convenient to write, especially for scenario designers who cannot script.

It's not like any of these scenarios are bad or not fun because they use a Landscape.txt instead of a Map.c.


Sven2 (developer)

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> Parkour.ocf/VolcanoEscape.ocs/Landscape.txt
> Parkour.ocf/VolcanoEscapeEx.ocs/Landscape.txt

These two are very important because it would allow us to combine them into a single scenario with a parameter for the volcano. At the moment, they are split because the landscapes use different amounts of lava in the map.

At the same time, they are most difficult to create because balancing the map with the volcano to make it challenging, but not impossible, is not that easy. I think the current state works pretty well.

I have no strong opinion about Landscape.txt. I don't want to support it any more, but there's also no real extra work involved in keeping it around.


ala (developer)

I also think keeping the support around can't hurt, former CR scenario designers might want to use it.


Maikel (developer)

We can keep the old functionality though I would put a warning in the docs that improved map scripts are available.

I myself am against keeping the old functionality but if you can show that there is a need we can of course keep it.


Marky (developer)

I would like to have a guide how to quickly convert the Landscape.txt to Map.c; I see that the formats are very similar, but finding all of this out by trial and error is tedious.


Maikel (developer)

There is no quick way as far as I know, maybe we can write a script which does it?


Marky (developer)

No quick way, yes. Of course, a script would be the best option if the rules for conversion are always the same.

It would help already if I knew how to correctly write a

overlay mat {algo = rndchecker; zoomX=-35; zoomY=-35; ... etc}

in Map.c, for example:

overlay_mat = {Algo=MAPALGO_RndChecker};
overlay_mat = {Algo=MAPALGO_Scale, X = -35, Y = -35, Op = overlay_mat};

-> I _think_ that does the same, but I do not _know_ it.


Sven2 (developer)

@Marky: Mape can do both map scripts and landscape.txt. I think the best way to convert is to open mape twice and try to get old and new scripts side by side.

You cannot get exactly the same outputs for all the algos, because some things like turbulence were reworked to be more sane in map scripts. Also coordinate spaces are different; you usually work in map pixel space in map scripts.

The RndChecker algo was used a lot in Landscape.txt, but I would not recommend using it in map scripts. In map scripts, you usually place patches of material in a loop instead. This has the advantage that you have a lot more control over how much material you get, especially if several materials are drawn on top of each other.


Marky (developer)

Ok, now Mape cannot find Library_Map. How do can I tell Mape where that is?

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