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2021-09-17 00:32 UTC

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0001670OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-04-25 19:29
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Summary0001670: Granade Luncher is quite imba, usually almost onehitkill
DescriptionGranade Luncher needs a bit of balancing. Even though one can carry a maximum of 5 pieces of ammunition "only" usually 2 is quite common. Usually 2 shots is already devastating for the enemy.

it is especially powerfull compared to bow and musket, as it can shoot immediatly without offering much of a reaction time for the target, when previously loaded Furthermore aiming is super precise as granade luncher shows the ballistic curve of the projectile, furthermore it offers area damage. Bow and musket don't have both of that.

Ideas for better balancing would be:
1)make the projectiles speed slower (so there is reaction time for the target to evade.
2)remove the aiming aid. There is no aiming aid for bow, spear, or throwing any other items, why does the luncher have it?
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Maikel (developer)

I added the aiming aid mainly to prevent self kills. Making the projectile slower would also result in a lower reach. I am not sure though, the grenade launcher is an expensive item, if a melee designer makes it available together with bow and arrow that is a problem in that melee.


Zapper (developer)

I am somewhat on Maikel's side here. It's not bad to have extremely strong weapons (imagine someone would make wall kits available in a melee! *cough*).

If we want a middle ground between explosive arrows and a grenade launcher, we should add another item for that (e.g. weaker stackable grenade shells as ammunition).

We could, however, make the weight of the iron bomb lower so that you are not already killed just because you are hit by a fast moving object. Maikel?


Maikel (developer)

Yes, making it lighter is good. Also its explosion strength could be reduced a bit while still keeping the same strength for the fragments.


Zapper (developer)

Mh, should the bomb (/dynamite) be lighter in general or just after having been fired by a grenade launcher?


Clonkonaut (developer)

Lighter in general sounds ok. I'm no fan of these special cases that are unpredictable.
(most likely they'll become tower levels e.g. 'catch the grenade shot from the launcher with the teleglove because you need a light grenade' or similar!)

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