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2020-04-07 10:05 UTC

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0001668OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-02-06 23:03
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Summary0001668: Bow should shoot exactly when the mouse button is released
DescriptionCurrently, it is difficult to do precise shots with the bow. When clicking, there is a very long delay until the shot is made. It's better when keeping the mouse button pressed, but it's hard to nail the exact time it takes the Clonk to pull back the bow. When releasing the mouse too early, the Clonk still finishes the pull, resulting in an inaccurate shot.

I propose that the Clonk should always shoot exactly when the mouse button is released. If the player releases the mouse button before the Clonk finishes pulling the bow, the arrow should be shot with less strength.

There should probably still be a minimum time until the Clonk actually shoots the bow. For a simple click, the current behavior is probably fine, but not shooting in this case would be okay as well.
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