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2019-10-23 12:41 UTC

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0001659OpenClonkEnginepublic2016-01-30 21:05
Assigned ToClonk-Karl 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001659: Crash when iterating through Ctrl + F7 debug modes
DescriptionIt crashes when reaching the FoW mode.
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Zapper (developer)

Reminder sent to: Clonk-Karl

Same for me.

Sending a reminder because apparently Maikel just assigned the bug to you instead of notifying you.


Clonk-Karl (administrator)

I got notified about it the first time. Fairly busy right now -- might get to it over the weekend.


Zapper (developer)

Yes, that's why we should not just assign bugs to other people (and also not just add them to monitor the bugs) but send a reminder instead!


Clonk-Karl (administrator)

I couldn't reproduce the crash, but the rendering was broken for me (it didn't render anything). I fixed that... and maybe it fixes the crash, too? Can one of you check?


Maikel (developer)

Yes, it was fixed.


Zapper (developer)

For me too!

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2016-01-27 19:28 Maikel New Issue
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2016-01-27 19:28 Maikel Assigned To => Clonk-Karl
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2016-01-30 20:02 Clonk-Karl Status assigned => feedback
2016-01-30 20:47 Maikel Status feedback => resolved
2016-01-30 20:47 Maikel Fixed in Version => 7.1 (Bugfix update)
2016-01-30 20:47 Maikel Resolution open => fixed
2016-01-30 20:47 Maikel Note Added: 0004922
2016-01-30 21:05 Zapper Note Added: 0004923
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