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2020-08-03 18:44 UTC

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0001653OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-02-04 19:11
Assigned ToZapper 
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Summary0001653: Zapnest improvements
DescriptionThe zap nest is always flying because its category C4D_StaticBack and it only turns into a normal throw-able object when the Detach function is called. I suggest to make it the other way around. It is a C4D_Object and function Place() makes it C4D_StaticBack while attaching it to a tree.

Then we can have zap nests as a weapon and as an object in the earth. Fun fact: Real wasps love to build nests under earth, too. Rotate=1 would be good as well.
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Maikel (developer)

Also good would be zaps targeting all living objects, not only the one who disturbed them, and better feedback when you get stung.


Zapper (developer)

Zaphive is now always C4D_Object and just attaches itself to a tree. It also rotates a bit.

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