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2018-06-25 09:39 UTC

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0001619OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2017-12-26 17:31
Assigned ToLuchs 
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformWindows 7 64bitOSOS Version
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Target Version8.0Fixed in Version8.0 
Summary0001619: Gold amount not shown in menu of teammate
DescriptionIn the cooperative round we just played Wipfhunter told me the following in TS:

He can not see the amount of Gold we have in the buy menu even right after he sold gold to the flag.
He tried some more and told me that he could see the correct gold count (180) some miliseconds after opening the menu - but shortly after it was set to 0.

I did not test this myself, and disconnected shortly after. But I remember seeing the correct cold count earlier in the game.
Steps To ReproduceNot sure:
We played Deadly Grotto
Additional InformationRecord is attached, played with 7.0 Stable.
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Sven2 (developer)

Had the same problem.


Maikel (developer)

Does this only happen in Deadly Grotto?

I had a look at the wealth display scripts for the [E] menu and could not find anything problematic and can't reproduce this with two players in non-network mode unfortunately.


Caesar (developer)

Two players in network mode. I can't reproduce this.


Luchs (administrator)

Doesn't appear to happen anymore.

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