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0001614OpenClonkObjectspublic2016-01-29 16:26
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Summary0001614: Feature Request: Quick use controls
DescriptionWell, a fairly simple idea: I want the inventory slots to have some sort of quick use control.

When mining it is annoying that you have to switch back to your the old item (shovel, pick) with [Q]. While playing I thought that the following solution would be more convenient: Have the GUI forward the ControlUse* controls to objects in the inventory slots. For example:
- Shovel is in slot 1, pickaxe is in slot 2, sword is in slot 3, shield is in slot 4
- while digging I do not want to move anyway. I just point in a direction, and I could hold [1] for digging and move the mouse in the desired direction
- if I encounter a resource or a small obstacle I could press [2] right away and remove it
- if I encounter an enemy I could switch to the shield and use it with the mouse, meanwhile I would move and press [3] from time to time to attack the enemy

Obviously this is just a suggestion, and it might have some design problems:
- in many cases you just want to select a certain item, such as bread or wall kits, without using them
- restricting the behaviour to specific objects (shovel, sword, etc.) is bad interface design
- yet another modifier key that enables the quick use would probably defeat the actual purpose, although [hold Q + 1] for starting the use might not be that bad
- it would require a lot more logic for pressed and released buttons in the control script, because you want to avoid/prohibit using items simultaneously
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Zapper (developer)

Well, what would be the benefits of that? You listed some problems.

A change proposal should convincingly explain why it would be a good change. Especially which benefits it has, which problems it solves and why the potential benefits are MORE than the potential problems.


ala (developer)

Wipfhunter proposed a simular request to me a couple hours ago:
He wanted if you switch back to a shield with Q that it is applied automatically without klicking an additional time. (to kind of get the speed from the old controls)

Well, but if I think about it this would be odd in the control since you will most likely not have the button on press down which is the normal use for that object.


Marky (developer)

The benefit would be that you can use objects faster. At the moment the "workflow" for me is:
- select shovel with [1]
- release [1]
- hold mouse button to use shovel (this by the way is very annoying, too, mostly because the digging does not seem to happen at continuous velocity)
- release mouse button, because I want to pick something up
- cycle through the collectible items with shift (this is very comfortable!)
- go somewhere, select the item with [3], throw the item
- select next item [4], throw it, too
- select next item [5], throw it, too (that part is annoying, because I quickly want to throw stuff. Navigating in the contents menu takes about the same time as throwing stuff without the menu)
- select shovel with [1]
- release [1]
- hold mouse button

For me the steps for selecting a frequently used object repeatedly take me out of the game for a short moment. It interrupts what I want to do for a slightly annoying selection task. Maybe it feels like the "do you really want to exit this programm?"-dialog, because: I want to use the shovel, and you "ask" me to confirm this by having me click the mouse-button again.
I realize that this is strange, because it is a common control scheme in computer games.

The optimal "workflow" for me would look like this:
- select and use shovel by holding [1]
- release [1], because I want to pick something up
- cycle through the collectible items with shift (this is very comfortable!). The inventory should highlight the collected item (I know why it does not in the current process - because maybe you want to pick something up but keep using the shovel, so you would have to switch back because it would be annoying)
- go somewhere, throw the item with [mouse 2]. The inventory should now automatically highlight the item that was collected before that (making the inventory intelligent may lead to other problems though!)
- throw the item with [mouse 2], because the inventory selected that item automatically
- throw the item with [mouse 2], because the inventory selected that item automatically
- select and use shovel by holding [1]

Maybe I should post this in the forum instead? I thought that creating a post just for quick-use controls was too much, but it seems that there are more underlying issues that should be discussed by everyone.


Zapper (developer)

>making the inventory intelligent may lead to other problems though!
Yes, it was like that and it was annoying and so I changed it.

Without it, your second example would only be slightly faster than the current situation.

If we have a suggestion that has as much cons as pros, I'd rather use the solution that does "least" magic.

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