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2020-08-14 17:41 UTC

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0001538OpenClonkEngine - Renderingpublic2017-08-20 12:09
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Summary0001538: SetGraphics(nil, Definition) does not work as expected with sprite graphics
DescriptionWhen calling the following script:

var dummy = CreateObject(Dummy);
dummy->SetShape(-5, -2, 10, 4);
dummy->SetGraphics(nil, GoldBar); // sprite graphics
dummy.Visibility = VIS_All;

the dummy object has no graphics. I expected that it would use the gold bar graphics. However, when calling

var dummy = CreateObject(Dummy);
dummy->SetShape(-4, -6, 8, 12);
dummy->SetGraphics(nil, Hammer); // mesh graphics
dummy.Visibility = VIS_All;

then the dummy object looks like a hammer. I found this when was creating a test scenario for
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related to 0001458new SetGraphics - GFXOV_MODE_Object does not superimpose all overlays 



Marky (developer)

Debugging is not easy at the moment, my debug build takes more than 20 minutes to load the objects definitions. Is this the case for others, too? I deleted all definitions except those that I want to test for now, let's see how long it takes then.


Marky (developer)

This could be caused by the fact that the Dummy object has no graphics file at all. Maybe Clonk-Karls recent fix did something to fix this, too. Will get the latest repository version now.


Marky (developer)

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This bug is indeed limited to objects that do not have a Graphics.png or mesh graphics file in their base directory.

Update: I cannot really explain why, though. The object gets the correct graphics in the code.
Update: The shape was not updated in this call, but forcing the shape update does not improve the situation either.


Marky (developer)

I will commit my test scenario now, another problem was setting the graphics of Goal_DeathMatch and Goal_Wealth, these produce empty pictures for some reason.
I replaced them with other graphics so the scenario makes more sense, but maybe someone else can fix it.


Marky (developer)

Ok, another thing that I found out is: Not the current shape of the object is used to draw the object, but the shape of its definition. This explains a lot!

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