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2020-08-14 02:26 UTC

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Summary0000153: Explosions rework
DescriptionExplosions (Explode()) are currently very simple. Since they're once of the more "cool" effects that people usually like, I think we could improve explosions a bit:

Several rays are cast from the explosion center in all direction. A ray "blasts" material on its way. How fast a ray can travel depends on the material density. So a flint could blast through large amounts of sand, but only little amounts of granite. If a flint is thrown against an unbreakable wall, nothing is blasted behind it.

The rays could communicate a bit, so when all rays but one are blocked (flint in a corner), the remaining ray gets stronger ("building a cannon hole").

The same rays could be used to fling objects, so you don't get damaged by a flint that hit behind a wall.
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