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2021-12-08 14:26 UTC

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0001504OpenClonkEngine - GUIpublic2017-08-20 11:46
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Summary0001504: Feature: I want to close dialogs
DescriptionI often talk to them by accident while moving trees, lorries or other stuff. Can get annoying.

A small x at the right top corner would be helpful to close the dialog - keyboard wise pressing space a second time could also do.
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Zapper (developer)

One of my medium-term plans is to re-implement the dialogs with the new menu system. Once the keyboard interaction works, that is.

Space would probably be used to select an item, though.


Sven2 (developer)

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"Escape" would be nice but of course it's problematic because we use that for the quit menu right now. So maybe backspace?

The stuff on backspace can be moved to escape once we have a proper in-game main menu. That menu could then also get a button in a corner labeled "[Main Menu [F12]", then it wouldn't be too hard to find and we would have the escape key freed up.


Maikel (developer)

Also we need progressing text for the new menu system. (Or implement that in script.)


Zapper (developer)

What is progressing text?

That the text 'fades in' letter by letter?


Sven2 (developer)

Yes. That's an engine feature because text lengths are not synchronous and the meaning of the MenuOK key changes depending on whether the text was completed or not. So there's a high-priority asynchronous key to complete the text and a low-priority assignment to advance the menu.

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