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2021-09-29 01:54 UTC

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0001467OpenClonkEnginepublic2017-08-20 11:43
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Summary0001467: unify Damage and Energy
DescriptionCurrently we have engine-side "energy" (DoEnergy etc.) which are Hitpoints for living stuff and we have engine and script-side "damage" (DoDamage) as hitpoints for non-living stuff.

Oh, and we also have "hitpoints" as hitpoints for structures, which are an abstraction layer on top of "damage".

And of course, we have the "power" which is "energy" for structures and purely in script.

And not to forget, "energy" is handled in thousands (a Clonk has 50'000 "energy"). And damage in values a few magnitudes lower (a chest has 50 "hitpoints").


I want a unified "HitPoint" concept for structures, livings and other objects. That's not even hard to implement - just needs the function names and callbacks streamlined.

And we should get rid of "exact damage" vs "non exact damage" and just always pass the values in thousands. This would save some confusion steps in several places.
Additional Information"Energy" as hitpoints and power is a relic from Clonk4 or so..
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