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2020-08-09 07:41 UTC

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0001458OpenClonkEngine - Renderingpublic2017-08-20 12:10
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Summary0001458: SetGraphics - GFXOV_MODE_Object does not superimpose all overlays
DescriptionThe description of the overlay mode says the following:

Superimposes the current object graphics including all overlays of pOverlayObject onto the object. Warning: never superimpose an object recursively onto itself!

However in my scenario it only overlays the base graphics of pOverlayObject. I will have to use a workaround to achieve the effect that I want to see, so I would be glad if someone fixed this.
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related to 0001538new SetGraphics(nil, Definition) does not work as expected with sprite graphics 



Marky (developer)

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Ok, this one is not trivial either, I am stuck at debugging.

>void C4GraphicsOverlay::Draw(C4TargetFacet &cgo, C4Object *pForObj, int32_t iByPlayer)

Draws the overlayed object, and the overlayed object's code also says that it should draw the object with all overlays in

>void C4Object::Draw(C4TargetFacet &cgo, int32_t iByPlayer, DrawMode eDrawMode, float offX, float offY),

but somehow it does not. Maybe it draws the overlay at the wrong position?


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